Basketball HDR Composite

Just like HDR’s for landscape photography…HDR Compositing in portraiture is growing! I am still a beginner and do not have all the gear the pro’s have, but make the best of what I have. The Pro’s use a pair of grid soft boxes on each side and a large octabank above the camera with super strobes. For my shots…I all used were 2 Nikon SB-700’s and 2 Westcott shoot thru white umbrellas on each side. I recently had a chance to meet and talk to the master of this style Joel Grimes and he liked my style and said that the harsh light for these composites is not nec on every shot. Compositing is art and you create it however you like! Wonderful guy! One day soon I will have the proper gear…I am getting close!

I am just about to announce a new product for sale…my next post will be the formal post…but if you are reading this today…you can get a first look…On Thursday, Jan 26th I will make available many of my HDR’s for sale as HDR Composite Backgrounds. Prices are 10 HDR’s for $99 and 15 HDR’s for $149!! For the full digital files! All purchasers must agree to my terms and then they can download the files from my site. You can take a look here…Talke Photography HDR Composite Backgrounds

For this shot of Logan I used on of my Warehouse backgrounds. Enjoy!!!

6 comments on “Basketball HDR Composite

  1. theaterwiz says:

    Cool stuff Pete, good luck!

  2. Sandi Ormsby says:

    Interesting, why a warehouse for the background?

    Please explain what this is again? It looks like you took a photograph of a basketball player, removed the background and placed ontop of your warehouse photograph. Like photoshop? Except it looks clearer, like he really was playing ball there.

    curious what this is all about…

    As always, enjoy your phtoography art. There are several photography blogs out there, and yours is one of the few that really peaks my interest.

    Lake Forest, CA

    • Sandi, hiya! The new thing is called Compositing. You shoot the subject in a studio and place them on a background using photoshop. Compositing has been around for years…but now with the rise of HDR’s…HDR’s are the background of choice!! I am growing my skills and will promote more of these shots…clients love them!!!
      Thanks so much for your compliments! Have fun in LF!! Hope to be living back in the OC during the summer!!

  3. A.Barlow says:

    Looks pretty good man. Seen some of it before and it can be pretty interesting.

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