Dublin, TX – Dr. Pepper Bottling Company – shuts down

Always sad when you hear about businesses closing. Thanks to Scott Thomas, he gave me a heads up on a note via my previous blog post from Dublin…unfortunately, the Dublin Dr. Pepper Bottling Company is no longer selling Dr. Pepper that uses pure cane sugar they way it was originally manufactured since 1891.

What happened: Dublin Dr. Pepper was sued by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group for allegedly selling the Dublin Dr. Pepper outside its six-county distribution area via its website and toll-free phone number. The suit asked that Dublin cease using the Dr. Pepper name and trademark in addition to halting outside sales. As part of the agreement, the Dublin Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. will change its name to the Dublin Bottling Works and will no longer produce the cane sugar-sweetened Dr Pepper, though it will continue to bottle other sodas including Nu Grape, XXX Root Beer and Big Red. It will also continue to operate Old Doc’s Soda Shop and museum in Dublin, a town of about 3,700 residents roughly 74 miles southwest of Fort Worth.

Poor Dublin was just trying to make some extra money and the big guys did not like it. I am glad to say I visited this location and I am a Dr. Pepper fan. The Pure Cane Sugar Dr. Peppers were great! Sweet and tasty in a cold bottle! I just had one in my fridge last week! At least they are still open for business, just loose the DP name. Sorry to hear the news Dublin! Good bye Dr. Pepper, Texas.

2 comments on “Dublin, TX – Dr. Pepper Bottling Company – shuts down

  1. theaterwiz says:

    Nice vintage look and feel Pete, sorry to hear of the closing

  2. A.Barlow says:

    Very cool image and kinda lame about the whole closing. Should have just changed the name.

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