Graffiti Rocks! (HDR)

While cruising around East Austin looking for some cool graffiti…I found this location. Super work! These graffiti artists are amazing!! Wonder how you know you have graffiti skills? Where do you test your unknown ability? When you see art like this, its hard to not stop and enjoy!

One comment on “Graffiti Rocks! (HDR)

  1. Sandi Ormsby says:

    I always enjoy a good piece of graffiti. In fact, I think Los Angeles has employed some graffiti artists to “Professionally” paint some art onto freeway walls near down town. Also, I’m team mom of our kids soccer team, and we ordered our banner from a Los Angeles based company and they spray painted the Purple monster. I think their employees are grafitti artists, as the entire banner is awesome. I have a photograph of both teams banners here (scroll down) I’m not a photographer, just a mom taking some shots as the team parent.

    Lake Forest, CA

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