Pittsburgh, PA – PNC Park (Infrared)

Its been a while since my last IR post. I am still working on my IR Photography book for Focal Press. It is still on schedule to be released 1st Quarter 2012. I will keep you posted. This shot is from PNC Park in Pittsburgh, PA. I was walking to the stadium and decided to try it in IR. The ferry was cruising by and it adds to the Burgh feel! My Pirates faded quickly since July and now are outta the playoff race, but I def enjoyed those few weeks we were in contention! PNC Park is one of the most beautiful parks in MLB! …even in IR! =)

One comment on “Pittsburgh, PA – PNC Park (Infrared)

  1. mark s says:

    Awesome pic of the most beautiful ballpark. I’ve been a die hard Pirates fan since 1969. Lived through the glory years, the bad years and the horrible years, but the Pirates will always be my boys. No matter what happens it was a very fun year until the end of July. Gives us lots of hope for the coming years. I was really surprised while watching blogsurfer and your pic of PNC came up. Had to check out your sight and will continue to do so. Even though I’ve lived near Cleveland since 1996, Pittsburgh will always be my favorite city.

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