Orlando, FL – Swan Lake? (HDR)

From Orlando, FL I visited a local lake that is lovely, but saw these swan rides all tied up as it was late in the evening. After walking by these swans all I could think about is this shot in HDR processed with a grunge look. That mold adds to the shot. Now I hate to talk bad about any location unless deserved, but do people actually ride these swans during the day on this lake? Yikes!! I’ll tell you the location if you ask in the comments. I know the grunge look enhances the grittyness, but even in standard mode theses ride are gross. I’d drop off a jar of Oxy Mold if that would help!


5 comments on “Orlando, FL – Swan Lake? (HDR)

  1. Kieran Hamilton says:

    Great HDR, they could definitely do with a wash though!

  2. Mike Criss says:

    Grunge indeed. I can not believe they would get any business.

  3. theaterwiz says:

    Grunge is an understatement here Pete, great processing, you should have taken a ride in one

  4. Kim Coto says:

    So gross. Yet, so cool! Only a true artist can make something ugly look very beautiful.

  5. Jim Nix says:

    is that Lake Eola? I think I saw those across the lake when I was there (on your recommendation, I might add) a few weeks ago! those are nasty!

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