Vienna, Austria – Opera House (HDR)

One of the best places 2 explore in Vienna is the Ringstrasse…here you can find some fantastic architecture and amazing sights! The cool thing about Vienna is that it is a small city and you can walk the Ringstrasse in a few hours! I had a free Saturday here and went out a few times to see as much as possible. When it was getting dark, my goal was the opera. Luckily this night there was a big concert at the city hall and they had a major section of the strasse (street) closed down. There was no traffic in front of the Opera House! Sweet! I set up my tripod, dodged a few people and snapped away.

So the battle of black and white vs color rages on…tough to decide when such cool tones arrive when converted to B&W. Today’s post is B&W, Monday will be the color version. I might give the nudge to B&W.