Reviews: WordFoto App

We all now have these powerful phones and I must admit, they take great pics and can do amazing things. I am always curious about photo apps and found one super cool one the other day! It just came out and is called WordFoto. It can take your pics and add words and create super cool art! In playing with it for a day or so…I have noticed that close up shots work best. Some feature highlights:
– Fast and fully automated word filling algorithm.
– Manual word filling fine tune parameters.
– Inspect detail in zoomable preview.
– Eight unique preset styles.
– User defined custom styles with lots of parameters.
– Import images from photo album or camera.
– Crop editor.
– Manage and create your own word sets.
– Resulting word images are full resolution.
– Save, email or share on Facebook.
– Save original and cropped original.
If you are creative…a must buy. Cost is $1.99. Available now in iTunes and Andriod will be TBD. WordFoto gets 8 out of 10 from me!

2 comments on “Reviews: WordFoto App

  1. Jim Nix says:

    that looks like a fun app Pete!

  2. Jason says:

    It sounds like a great app. Unfortunately it isn’t available on Android and won’t be for a while. Here is what they said on their Facebook page:
    “About WordFoto on Blackberry, Android, iMac etc.: We’re sorry but this will not happen any time soon. We might do an Android version, but it’s still months ahead since we want to focus on the current iPhone version until we’ve made a few updates and feel that it’s mature and good enough for porting to other platforms.”

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