Orlando, Florida – Cinderella’s Castle (HDR)

Sorry it has been slow on P2E..I just got back last nite from a 10 day trip. Great to be home! …back to normal next week!

Tough not to pass up on one of the top family destinations in the world! Even as an adult I love Disney! When I was a kid, Sunday evening was the Disney movie of the week at 7 PM. We’d sit at home an watch something like Escape From Witch Mountian and the get ready for bed as school was the next day. Kudos Walt!

Talke Photography Settings:

8 comments on “Orlando, Florida – Cinderella’s Castle (HDR)

  1. hdrexposed says:

    Dude Pete this is the BOMB!

  2. Mike Criss says:

    Love the composition, the castle just begs to be photographed. I was just there in Feb. how did you manage no people?

  3. atmtx says:

    Wonderful lines leading up to the castle. Awesome look on the castle. Cinderella gets a much more impressive abode than Sleeping Beauty.

  4. IzaakMak says:

    Incredible image!

  5. Jim Nix says:

    nice one Pete, I’ll be there next week so might grab some shots if I can, nice one!!

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