White Sands, New Mexico

One super cool place 2 explore is White Sands in New Mexico.  This past December we took a drive to Taos from Austin and on the way back I wanted to stop by and check this place out. I am glad we did!  It is about 45 minutes from Route 25. A boring drive, but out of the blue you start to see this white sand appear.  Enter in the park and you can see lots of small pull off areas to explore the dunes!    Start climbing and cool views are all around!!  Get back in your car and throughout the park you can see people riding plastic sleds down the dunes.  I saw a couple people take a digger…its not snow..but takes a little experience to get it just right.   The only downfall of this visit was that as soon as we got home from the trip…I had to spend about an hour vacuuming the tons of sand in the car!!  =))  If you ever get a chance…a must visit!!

5 comments on “White Sands, New Mexico

  1. Scott says:

    I’m getting married in Riviera Maya, Mexico come July 2nd. I am hoping it looks like this! Nice shot dude!

    • Scott, thanks! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!! RM, Mexico..sweet!! Hope you have a great photog grabbing your pics!! Let me know how that place is…coast line shots will be unreal!! Have fun!

  2. Dave DiCello says:

    This is awesome Pete, what a beautiful place!

  3. atmtx says:

    Outstanding bright colors. Love the composition.

  4. Kristi Hines says:

    I would definitely love to be on those sands, weather permitting of course!

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