NEWS: onOne Software – Perfect Photo Suite – $150.00 off!!!! (Until May15th)

Super savings from today until May 15th on Perfect Photo Suite!!!!   Save $150.00!!  I use this software with every photo I process!  Photo Tools 2.6 has a sharpen tool that to me…beats my NIK Software Sharpener hands down!  Not only do you get Photo Tools, also included in the the suite is Focal Point, Mask Pro, Perfect Resize, Photo Frame and Photo Tune!!  So many tools for such a low price!   The lowest its been to date!  Download a free trial and check it out first if nec!   Go grab a copy today…you  will be glad you did!

5 comments on “NEWS: onOne Software – Perfect Photo Suite – $150.00 off!!!! (Until May15th)

  1. Kana says:

    I recently bought the onOne suite, after purchasing the Nik suite. Wonder if I can get the extra discount? Find myself using Nik more, as I’m more familiar with it. Which sharpening tool do you use in onOne? Purchasers will also get the final release of Perfect Layers!

    • Kana, I use Magic Sharp for every single photo I process now. Just the right amount of crispness added! I love NIK as well. I also use onOne’s Edge Vig for some pics as well. =)

  2. Kana says:

    Thanks! I was just getting ready to print some images, and “assumed” that Nik Sharpener Pro was the best. I liked that you can sharpen for viewing distance, paper type and printer resolution. Have you tried the sharpener in Perfect Resize? (Love that product BTW)!

  3. Kana says:

    I am working with images I shot with my first digital camera (2.1 mp). Getting ready to print at 13″ wide (almost 500%)! No discernable loss in quality!

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