Whitehouse, New Jersey – Whitehouse Diner (HDR)

While in my home state New Jersey this week I had a chance to stay with my family.  I had to hit one of my favorite spots after dinner…the Polar Cub Ice Cream Stand!  Tough not to pass up a soft chocolate ice cream topped with a hard chocolate dip!  Great stuff!   Only 1/2 mile from there…you can find an old abandoned diner sitting and decaying for all to see.  On Saturday morning I woke up early and went to grab some pics!   I snapped a bunch and as I walked around, I can tell in the back there must have been a fire that shut this place down.  The kitchen was a mess.

As I grew up in NJ…Diner’s are a way of life!  In our area, there are quite a few!  Gotta love stopping by and getting a Pizza Burger Deluxe!  So why did this sone not open back up?  Who knows?  I googled it and found this diner is somewhat of a hot spot for photography diner lovers!  I bet you can find it in a NJ Diner book somewhere!   I’ll search more and post another shot later.  Have a great weekend!

…sorry its a crazy week ahead..my post amount will be slow on P2E

12 comments on “Whitehouse, New Jersey – Whitehouse Diner (HDR)

  1. atmtx says:

    Pete, this is some outstanding urban decay. Works so well with your style.

  2. Kurt Miller says:

    AWESOME shot, love ruined beauty like this! Reminds of the video game Fallout 3 – 60’s touch, and creepy!

  3. mark says:

    is this place still there if so is it for sale?

  4. Walt Davis says:

    In 1962 I traded a 1956 Chevy for a 1957 Pontiac convertible and a 1957 Chevy BelAir that sat behind the diner. It ended up that I never got the 57 Chevy. The guy that I dealt with was John “Yogi” Karon, his mother owned and operated the diner. Don’t know if he is still in that area but he may have some info on the property. As I remember they had pretty good food back in the “Old Days”. Nostalgia is good for you, it puts a smile on your insides. Walt Davis

    • Walt, wonderful! I grew up in Branchburg and we drove thru Whitehouse often. I was a kid in the 70’s…but have no memory of that diner being open. If they had a pizza burger…I’d be there in a second! LOL

      • Walt Davis says:

        Hi, I was living in Elizabeth in 1962 and working for Western Electric in Kearney,NJ In 1964 I mmoves to a house just past the Spinning Wheel Diner heading east, there was a motel between me and the Spinning Wheel and me. In 1967 I moved to Shade Lane in Whitehouse Station, It was a beautiful house. Having been married to a crazy person at the time I later moved to Clinton to a house on the hill on Mannon’s Horse Farm, near what used to be the Unin Gap Lounge and Resturant across the highway from the Women’s Prison. I was beginning to feel like a gypsy. I live in North Carolina now and visit NJ whenever I get in that direction. I”m an amatuer historian and photographer, also Historian for several differen dance organizations. I’ve got a good memory and like to visit anywhere I’ve been whether it’s in person or Google Satellite. I also used to eat a lot at the Circle Diner in Flemington, they had the best meat ravioli with hot Italian sausage. I think that after a while the land became more valuable than the diner and someone told me it was hit by “Greek Lightning” and burned. Nostalgia is good for the soul. I was in that area until 1970-71 so if you have any questions about the areas between Elizabeth and Clinton I will be glad to try to help as long as my brain keeps working. I’m now 68 years old, had a bunch of neat new muscle cars, 55-57 Chevies and old hot rods and i still remember quite a few people from the area. (Assuming that they are still alive) Thanks for responding.

  5. Art Voorhees says:

    Walt, I grew up in Whitehouse and spent a summer washing dishes at the Diner. I remember Johnny Karon’s ’57. I think it was green and, for some reason, think it was 4-door? We used to pay $1.50 to swim all day in that pool at The Round Valley Motel next to the Spinning Wheel. Did you live next to the Oppenheimer’s? Do you remember the guy who lived across the street who owned the ’54(?) Vette that was usually covered with a tarp? There were a lot of muscular cars in the area back then; Eddie Kurth’s 409 (later a 427), Charlie Kaufmann’s Chevy II, and Bruce Conover always had something interesting. I can’t say as I remember you, but we must have crossed paths sometime in the mid 60’s. I just turned 65 myself.

    • Walt Davis says:

      Hi Art, thanks for the response. The 56 Chevy that I traded to Yogi was a green and white 2 dr. hardtop. I lived in the ranch home just behind the Oppenheimer’s. At that time I had a red 64 GTO, a blue/white 55 Chevy Nomad, black 57 Chevy convertible, light green 63 Plymouth 426 Max-Wedge car (that I still have most of!!!) and a chopped and channeled 31 Model A pickup. I sold the Model A to Bruce Conover. (Every car that Bruce had was painted, what we called, “Bruce Blue”) Yes, I remember when Charlie Kaufmann bought his Nova, it was sort of a chestnut/ bronze color and looked good until he painted it some orange color that I didn’t care for. It was a pretty quick car. The 54 Vette was owned by Bill Supple(He was my son’s Godfather) Billy bought the Vette for his wife Violet in 1955 for his wife Violet. in 1965 I modified a 62 Vette fuel injection unit for him and he put that injected 327 and a B and M Hydro into that Vette (which only had 10,000 miles on it.) After Billy died the Vette was always in the garage up the hill and whenever I would get back to NJ I would stop by and visit and look at the Vette. I assumed that it would never be for sale so i never be for sale so I never asked about it.
      I had thought that one of his children would want it. The Vette ended up outside covered by a tarp and one day it was no longer there. I asked Violet about it and she said that she had sold it for $1,400.00!!! She said that I had never asked about it so she assumed that I was not interested in it. Aaaaagghhh!!! There is lots more but this should do it for now. It’s always good to revisit nostalgia!!! Hope that you are doing well. I don’t remember if I had met you before but sometimes after talking about the old days “Old Memories” will emerge. I just remembered Wally Crowley’s blue 64/427 Ford, his father had the store on RT22.

  6. John Karon says:

    I’m John aka Yogi back then. I remember trading tyat Pontiac for that 56 chevy. Now I am old and living in Florida. It almost bring tears to me to look at those run down pictures. My mother Valery Karon and Herb Benthin was partners in the diner. It was a thriving place until it was sold to those people who let it run down..

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