NEWS: Name Change for Places 2 Explore?

I have been thinking the past few days of changing the blog title from “Places 2 Explore” to “Talke Photography”.   If you are anyone you know is a photographer…a brand name is important.  My regular web site is all set.  I just need to think about this blog.  It is just an idea…and I know change is always tough at first.  The future business name will be all about Talke Photography…so it may be best.   I’d love have your feedback.   Please post in the comments below.

Oh yeah…and if you ever took a guess at pro-nouncing my last name…most everyone will say “Talk – e” …the proper way is “Tal-Key” …Tal as in talcum Power.  =)))  Thanks!  Pete

5 comments on “NEWS: Name Change for Places 2 Explore?

  1. Laurie Allen says:

    I totally understand. I have started many businesses and as they change and grow, sometimes, I have realized it is better to pick the best name for the over all concept..

    There is a transition, but as long as you leave steps leading to the new name. People will find you!

  2. atmtx says:

    Pete, that is an interesting question. I guess it depends how much you want to promote places2expore as a brand or product. Trey has done well with Stuck in Customs but I’m guessing he is not getting into portraits. I think you can maintain the places2explore name for travel photography while building up your Talke Photography name for portraits and events?

    I’m way behind you in the blog/gallery/website thing but…. I have my gallery and blog under atmtxphoto and started a new product called For me atmtx or atmtxphoto is a handful and I don’t think its easy to remember. I’m hoping that mostlyfotos is easier. mostlyfotos “product” is a simple picture a day experience while I can still direct them to atmtxphoto for all of my info and links.

  3. Grizz says:

    I think if you have put forth the effort to maintain and publish this site under its current name, then I would leave well enough alone and just add to it. Contributors and followers are familiar with the existing site and as Laurie said, as long as you leave a visible trail, they will follow and find you with no issues. I also agree with almost need to have all three, blog, gallery and site and from there you can direct to appropriate addy’s. As to name.. well that is always difficult.. its a matter of taste and what you are trying to get across as a theme or specialty. You can get really creative or just be basic in your approach.. it all comes back to you and your mission as a photographer and / or business person. Just my thoughts!

    • Grizz, thanks! Good call! It will remian and I stared the Talke Photography blog today! This will be for the customers that buy my portrait, event, sport photos! Good to keep them on their own blogs! =)) having both options is key to me…so let the double blogging begin!! =))

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