Austin HDR Mafia – Lunch Gathering

From our lunch gathering Tues at Chuy’s of the Austin HDR Mafia.  We have a great bunch of HDR artists in Austin.   We try to get together for lunch and photowalks often.   I think an HDR of that ceiling must be made one day soon!  Seated in the pic…

(from front left)

Michael Tuuk

Alex Suarez

Van Sutherland

Evan Gearing

Steve Wampler

(from front right)

Steven Ng

Pete Talke (me)

Jim Nix

Craig Gowens

Andy Atmtx

Dave Wilson

5 comments on “Austin HDR Mafia – Lunch Gathering

  1. Dawn says:

    Where are the HDR women? 😉

  2. atmtx says:

    What a crew. I’ll need to post an image of the ceiling.

  3. michaeltuuk says:

    We’re all honored to make it on your blog, Pete! Had it a great time with everyone yesterday.

  4. atmtx says:

    OK, I put the ceiling art up on Flickr. I took multiple exposures but ultimately decided against a HDR but I made it a black and white.

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