Actuations (Shutter Count) / Full Frame Thoughts

I am not sure when, but in the next few months Nikon will announce the D700 replacement.  Will it be called the D800 (fake photo to the left)..or D700x…or D900?  Not sure.  But I will def get one later this year.  I may wait a bit after it comes out…just to read reviews.  I have been using my D300 for 3 years…so any body change is a BIG choice.  Not only will this be a body change…it is a move up to full frame FX lenses.

I truly love my D300 and will keep it and all my DX lenses.  I can assume that full frame cameras will be the only available DSLR’s in a few years.  So buying full frame lenses now is the best investment.   But it does come at a steep price tag.  Here is what I would enjoy adding to my collection…

Nikon D800 – estimated $2500 – $3000 – body only

1) Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 – $1800.00

2) Nikon 28-300 f/3.5-5.6 – $1000.00

3) Nikon 85 f/1.4 – $1200.00

4) Nikon 24-70 f/2.8 – $1500.00

5) Nikon 400 f/2.8 – $8900.00  (Hey, I can dream!!!)

So such a jump is tough to swallow!  But must be done.  Probably step by step.  I just cannot wait to have a camera with great ISO capabilities!  Shooting sports in low light will be awesome!!  Hope to hear the Nikon news soon!!

Actuations / Shutter Count

In preparing for a switch…I wanted to find out how many actuations (shutter count) my camera had completed.  I googled and online there are a few methods.  I have a MAC…so I used EXIF Viewer (free)…just open a pic with this app and it gives you the details.  I was at 90,000 pictures!!!    The D300 will last approximately 150,000 actuations.  So it still has life!

Other viewers for PC are… Opanda &  Preview Extractor Now if you use another camera other than a Nikon…google and see if these EXIF viewers work for your camera.   If you have over 100K…wow!  Post what you shoot and let us know!


5 comments on “Actuations (Shutter Count) / Full Frame Thoughts

  1. Jim Nix says:

    Man we are on the same page here. I am counting the days (weeks?) until the D800 is announced/released. I cannot wait to upgrade to that baby! I too want a bunch of glass but you are right, it adds up! Jim

  2. tomazsp says:

    Hello Peter, my Canon 50D has about 2.4k clicks after 5 months with the acquisition. Great pictures have you been posted! Bye and check out my Blog.

  3. Jason Hines says:

    I am also planning on upgrading to the D700 replacement and I really can’t wait till they announce the specs. Just one thought for you on the FX lenses – I’ve read several reviews about the Tokina 16-28mm and from what I can gather it is very comparable to the Nikon 14-24 but costs only $850. My plan is to use to compare them both. In the past i’ve been very impressed with Tokina lenses so I thought I’d pass the info along.

    • Jason, thanks for the scoops! I use Lens Rentals as well! Without them, I would have never bought the Nikon 70-200 lens! Never used a Tokina…I’ll check em out! Have fun! Pete

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