Paris, France – Notre Dame (HDR)

Paris…my favorite city in the world.  Its been a long while since my last visit. Hope to be back soon.  I had an old shot before my HDR days and did a single raw conversion…then added a few textures.  I love the textured effect.  I have many people ask how to add a texture….there are a few ways depending on what software you have.  I have CS5.  Here is a quick method…

1. Open your picture in Photoshop

2. Drag your textured file on top of the photo to place the picture.

3. Transform the texture to equal the photo size

4. Click your desired Layered method from the drop down menu…I use “Overlay” 98% of the time…then may modify the fill amount (pic below is just ref)

And that is it!  A textured photo!   The shot above I added three textures and masked certain areas.  But the quick method will get you started!  Hopefully!!   have fun!

8 comments on “Paris, France – Notre Dame (HDR)

  1. EternalForms says:

    beautiful! amazing! great post-processing work.

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  3. atmtx says:

    The texture creates that nice aged look.

  4. servalpe says:

    Fantastic use of textures, mate !

  5. Jim Nix says:

    Perfect use of texture Pete!! Jim

  6. saharanscot says:

    Nice effect, cheers for the tip.

  7. great post processing. If I may – the only improvement I could say would be to desaturate the people so the bright colors in their clothing doesn’t stick out quite so much. But it’s a minor point on a great photo!

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