Daytona, Florida – A Sea of 3’s!

I was at the 53rd annual running of the Daytona 500 yesterday in Daytona, FL.  It was a perfect day…weather was great and the track had brand new pavement.  It was going to be a great race!  In a touching moment to honor the death of one of NASCAR’s best racers ever…Dale Earnhardt Sr.  …who died in a crash on this track 10 years ago…  His racing number was #3.  On the 3rd lap of the race…the track went silent (except for the racing cars) and the entire crowd held up 3 fingers in honor Dale Sr.’s #3. 

It was a wonderful view to witness….so I will call this shot… “A Sea of 3’s”.  The race was unreal..the most lead changes and cautions ever at a Daytona 500.  I was in the first row and enjoyed every bit of dirt and grit hittting my face or even getting into my mouth.   Ah the fun! 

I have been to quite of few Daytona 500’s…and love it every time!  Trevor Bayne a 20 year old kid in his first Daytona won it!   Great job!  It should be a fantastic NASCAR season!

9 comments on “Daytona, Florida – A Sea of 3’s!

  1. JOSEPH says:


  2. It was a fun race to watch. You could call it tandem racing the way the two car drafts looked like they were glued together. Nice to see Trevor bring the Wood Brothers back to Victory Lane. He pushed cars all day to the front and looked like a veteran.

    • Scott, I agree! Great for the kid! The crowd was routing for Jr…but after his crash…it was stunned. Glad Busch didnt win…whew! Bayne has skills! Let’s see how he does this year. I hear he only is signed for 12 races? I bet he is signed for good now! =)

      • The Wood Brothers do not race a full schedule. Haven’t for years. I just hope Ford signs this kid up to a full time ride before Chevy grabs him like they did Gordon. Ditto on Busch not winning. Not a fan of either of them.

  3. Evan Gearing says:

    Nice shot Pete and congrats on getting to see it from the 1st row! Green with envy am I!

  4. theaterwiz says:

    Great shot Pete, I was actually in a car and did 3 laps on that track a few years ago, what a wild ride, really gives respect to what those guys do

  5. David Latour says:

    Trevor Bayne from Knoxville Tennessee where I live. Let me tell you this area is abuzz. It was truly a neat day for NASCAR.

  6. aswirly says:

    Awesome! 🙂

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