News: The Good and the Bad

My good friend Dave Wilson recently had a blatant un-approved usage of one of his photos recently.  You can read about it here….Dave Wilson.  As photographers reach more people these days due to social media and word of mouth, viewership of our web sites have grown to great numbers.   We post on blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr (and others).  I am eager to get my work out there and abide by Creative Commons.  Dave does as well.  After reading his post, it gets me going to check up on my pics.

There is software to do this…so just this morning I checked a few pictures that might be popular.  This past summer I posted my HDR of a Castle with an added photoshop effect.  I did my search and I found this….

A website in the UK called Murals Wallpaper (Kids section) clearly has bootlegged my photo and is charging people for its usage!   I have since sent a hefty Invoice to them immediately.   Policing your own work does take time.  I am sure many of my photos are out there without credit.  If they are, I will find them!!  I wish Dave good luck on his invoicing!!  These companies need to pay up when they steal work!  So sad when work is stolen.  It might be time to check up on your pics as well!!

But on the other hand…you can find great companies that handle business properly!  If you travel in Texas, you may find the 2011 Austin Urban Lifestyle Guide at local shops and food stores.   They have used my bat photo inside the issue.  Thanks so much!   It is a great honor!

If you are in downtown Austin just stop by Urbanspace Realtors on 5th Ave (near Congress) and they many copies.  It contains some great info and cool pics!!

So with exposure comes the good and the bad.  Let’s hope the good outweighs the bad!!!  Wish me luck with Murals Wallpaper!!  They better pay up!!  =)

7 comments on “News: The Good and the Bad

  1. ♥Minh says:

    Wow, I hope Murals gets what’s coming to them! Good luck in your pursuit!

  2. Thanks Minh!! Let ya all know how it goes!!

  3. Good luck going after these guys Pete, what software do you use? and very nice bat picture!

  4. Took a class this fall at the Maui Photo Festival, with Jack Resznicki. He talked about how to copyright your work, and pursue compensation, should it be stolen. I probably have the name of his attorney somewhere. He has pursued a couple of times, and gotten six figures each time….curious about the software you use also…

  5. Wayne Frost says:

    I recently read Jack Resznicki’s book and since them do not publish anything on the Internet until AFTER I have registered it with the U.S. Copyright office. What image search service do you use to track your images on the Internet, Pete? And please do report back to us on whether or not Murals Wallpaper adequately responds to your invoice.

  6. Wayne Frost says:

    Thanks, Pete. I had come across that site recently but neglected to bookmark it and couldn’t remember the name.

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