King Kong Lives!

King Kong may live at the Denver Zoo!!  Luckily this BIG guy was on the other side of this thick glass.   I had never seen a gorilla up this close.  I am impressed!  Not sure how much he weighed, but I am guessing 500-700 lbs.  Pure muscle!!  He was checking out the people as much as the people were checking out him.   I can safely say that I will not ever go into the Congo looking to find gorilla’s in the mist!!    This photo is close enough for me!  LOL

5 comments on “King Kong Lives!

  1. exileimaging says:

    Reminds me of a former boss. Nice shot, Pete, and I agree, the zoo is the only way I’d ever want to get that close to one of these guys!

  2. Wayne Frost says:

    That’s one of those shots of our mamamlian cousins that makes you wonder what he is thinking

  3. aswirly says:

    He is very impressive!!

  4. Nice one Pete, don’t know how I missed this one. These creatures are fascinating to watch, it’s almost like they read your mind

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