Cleveland, Ohio – Fountain of Eternal Life (HDR)

Cleveland Rocks!  I travel to Cleveland a few times a year.  Unfortunately, sometimes in winter….it can get cold and snowy!!   But in the summer there are a few great places to take photos.  I stay downtown at a Marriott and right out in front of the hotel is this cool fountain.  I have posted a few photos from my night sessions, but this is the first day time shot.   If you are ever in Cleveland it is a five minute walk from the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame from this location.  I feel for the Clevelander’s…as a sports fan…LeBron James left this city behind in a bad way.   I was shooting this day only a few days after he made the announcement.  I talked to a few people while walking around and they were worried about their jobs as the Cavs brought in a lot of business to the downtown area.   With Lebron gone, it will affect the whole city.   Keep your chin up Cleveland!!

Talke Photography Settings:

  • Camera:  Nikon D300
  • Lens: Nikon 12-24 F/4
  • Setting: Aperture  Mode
  • Focal Length: 18.0mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Exposure:  HDR 5 exposures (+2 to -2)
  • Aperture:  f/22
  • Gear:  Tripod
  • Post Process: Adobe CS4, PHDR Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Viveza

2 comments on “Cleveland, Ohio – Fountain of Eternal Life (HDR)

  1. Victoria says:

    This is AMAZING… love the POV, perspective and the overall composition! (have been very sporadic about visiting blogs… am trying to be a better person… we shall see how long that lasts… 🙂 )

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