NIK HDR Efex Pro – settings

I have had quite a few people ask what settings I am using in NIK’s HDR Efex Pro.   You can use whatever works for you…my choice fav filter is

03 Realistic (Strong)

This filter choice makes the photo a little dark, so it needs brightening. I then play with the “Whites” slider and “Exposure”.

I then continue with more post processing to finalize the photo. I’ll add a new HDR Tutorial for HDR Efex Pro in the next few weeks and will add it here. Have fun!

4 comments on “NIK HDR Efex Pro – settings

  1. Wayne Frost says:

    I do like the wide array of pre-sets shipped with HDR EFEX Pro. I also used Realistic, balanced and strong, in the last batch of images I processed. Nik is also currently offering a useful webinar that explains the in’s and out’s of this tool.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the forthcoming tutorial on HDR Efex pro.

    I am looking forward to seeing what settings you use


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