Estes Park, Colorado – The Stanley Hotel (HDR) – Part 2

The alarm went off at 4 AM and I grabbed my gear and was out the door.  I really didn’t get a chance to see the hotel the day before, so it was all new to me!  The most famous location in the hotel is Room 217.  This is where Stephen King stayed and many ghostly happenings may have occurred.  It was quite spooky at 4 AM walking around the hotel.  As it is an old building…the hallway wood creaks with every step.   At least someone cannot sneak up at you!  But if they are floating, maybe they can!!   I set up the above shot and gave it a little photoshop touch to create a eerie feel….Room 217!!

I continued on and wanted to grab a shot of the famous stairway near the reception.  I walked down and bumped into a family walking around taking photos just like me.  The daughter mentioned that she awoke this morning with someone stroking her hair!!???  The mind can do amazing things…I guess??  I went into this visit without much knowledge of the happenings here, so if I experienced anything, it would be real.  I was at the stairway for a while, as occasionally a worker or person would walk by my long exposure HDR.  Take 2, Take 3, Take 4…finally I got it!!

I then talked to two ladies that were walking around and they knew all the history.  They told me about the little ghost kids that run around on the fourth floor all through the nite.  I immediately went up to the 4th floor and someone was actually watching a movie in their room and the TV was blasting..I did not see or hear anything.  Oh well.  I wanted to get a hallway shot perpendicular to this area by another set of stairs.  As I set up for my shot, I heard someone walking up the stairway.  Worried about traffic with my long exposures, I looked over the rails downward a second or two later and there was no one around????  Spooky!!!!

I kept on taking pics until around 6 AM.  The shot from yesterday was just before sunrise outside the front of the hotel.   The Ballroom and Music Room are supposed haunted areas.  I went to photograph both…no luck!  After I returned from my trip, I checked all my pics…no shadowy figures or apparitions found.  I loved my stay at the Stanley.   I would gladly stay there again!  I will finish off Part 3 tomorrow…until then!

13 comments on “Estes Park, Colorado – The Stanley Hotel (HDR) – Part 2

  1. photobyholly says:

    VERY nice!! I LOVE the first shot especially, very spooky – the selective color on the door brings the eyes exactly where they’re supposed to go, but not ignoring the rest of the hallway. “The Shining” was a classic movie, you’re lucky that you got to visit this hotel!

  2. John Maffei says:

    Really nice shots here! I do especially love the one of the red door. You really captured the spookiness of the place!

  3. atmtx says:

    Nice and spooky, Pete.

  4. carlo says:

    very convincing shot of Room 217. Your story amplified it!

  5. glennraymond says:

    You have done an excellent job here. I hope my wife does not see this. She’s been nagging me to take her to the Stanley. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. theaterwiz says:

    Damn, watching ghost adventures in the Stanley, made me look back at your cool shots, Bravo Pete

  7. Sara says:

    Your pictures are some of the most beautiful I have seen of the Stanley. Me and my fience are planning a wedding there and I was stunned by the amazing talent you have. Not only with the photography itself, but the editing. Thanks for sharing these for everyone to enjoy! GOOD JOB!

    • Sara,
      Thanks so much!!! The Stanley is amazing! Congrats on your upcoming wedding! It will be so beautiful there!! The Stanley was going to use my photos for an advertising push, but the budget would not allow it. =( Best wishes to you and your fiancé!! Have a blast! Pete

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