The Photographer’s Right

I always try to catch up and read my friend’s blogs.  Dave Wilson has “News and Views from Dave Wilson“.  He had a great post yesterday about Security Guards and having issues with a tripod taking photos of a building.  Dave, I agree with you 100%!  I have had my share of security run ins.  After reading Dave’s comments, it gets me fired up.  For those that may not know…there is a PDF out there called “The Photographer’s Right”.  It is posted below.  I always keep a copy in my camera bag.  If you want to get a copy, just click the photo.  As more people are buying DSLR’s, taking photos has become more difficult around town for security reasons.  Throw in a tripod and you are a target for all security guards.  I understand that certain areas should not be photographed…Military and Government Installations, but  I am always curious as to why certain Churches will not allow photographs using a  tripod without permission?  This issue can be dragged out forever.  I just wish one day, it becomes easier for us photographer’s…not worse!!   Sadly, the outlook does not look good.  At least Disney allows tripods!!  =)  


2 comments on “The Photographer’s Right

  1. Dave Wilson says:

    I’ll be printing this out today and keeping it in my camera bag too! Thanks, Pete.

  2. […] photographs in a public place especially if you are shooting in a large US city. Take a look at Pete Talke’s recent post outlining those rights if you have a minute. Please note, however, that this applies to the US only […]

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