Friday Night Lights – Lake Travis vs. Aledo

Friday nights in Texas are special during the fall.   HS Football is the biggest ticket around.  You may have heard of the TV show Friday Night Lights?  It is filmed here in Austin.   So our local team is Lake Travis.  I posted some shots from a game last year as well.  We have won three consecutive state titles and 48 games in a row going into tonite.   I had heard we were ranked number 9 in the entire nation??  Scheduling is not a cake walk at LT.   This evening we played Aledo High School.   State champs last year as well.   We were also without our fantastic starting QB…Michael Brewer.  He is one his way to Texas Tech next year.   He was hurt in the previous game and had to be held out.  The outlook was dim.  We led most of the game and near the end Aledo scored (up 14-10), we punted and they held onto the ball and the game ended along with our 4th longest winning streak in Texas history!    Great matchup!!

I had my yearly chance to photograph on the sidelines.  I was geared up with my monopod and 70-200 lens.  Above you can see some photos.  After the nite of shooting, I must say HS football is tough to photograph!!  As it gets darker…it sure is difficult.  Lighting is not great and I have concluded, that a D300 is just an average camera to shoot low light situations.   If I had a D3 or D3x…now I would be talking!   I was shooting Manual 640-800 second f/2.8 mostly.   Out of about 600 shots….I thought 150 ish were decent.   It was only my second time shooting HS Football, so not a bad nite, but just average.

Experience is needed to excel in the photography world of HS football.  At halftime I was on the sidelines and was talking to the photographer from the Austin American Statesman (our big newspaper) and he was downloading his shots onto his laptop for review.  I could see lots of blurry ones as well…so I did not feel too bad.  But he did have a 400mm lens…those were the shots that looked awesome!!  Hopefully I can shoot another game on the field this year?  I’d love to try College Football during the day!  Ah to dream!!  Have fun!

4 comments on “Friday Night Lights – Lake Travis vs. Aledo

  1. While a D3s would be great. I found the D700 more than capable last Friday night. I used the same 70-200VR and the battery grip for faster fps. Check out my blog for the 10,000 ISO shot. Sweet!

  2. Jason says:

    Pete, HS football is by far one of the most difficult events to shoot. I too only have a 70-200 so the trick is to wait for the action to come to you. Also with only a 200 you have to make due with the old fashion digital zoom, also known as a crop 🙂 a 10% take rate or keeper rate is about average for football. I may holler at you for a round rock ISD game later in the year.

  3. Mike Criss says:

    Great shots, I love shooting football. Gets dark around here fast and I start using a flash attached to my monopod. I use a 100-400, then switch to my 70-200 2.8 when it too dark.

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