NEWS: Infrared Photography ebook (Coming soon!)

I started work on my first ebook…Infrared Photography.  I hope to have it completed by Mid October!   I will let you know when it is available.  I’ll make sure to keep it under $10.00.  It will be a nice resource for anyone wanting to learn about and see how I process my Infrared photos!   – Pete

8 comments on “NEWS: Infrared Photography ebook (Coming soon!)

  1. Wow, congrats Pete! This has got to be exciting for you!

  2. michaeltuuk says:

    You’re going for it for sure? — excellent!

  3. linkahwai says:

    Can’t wait to read it!

  4. Ron Rothbart says:

    What happened with this ebook? I clicked a link for it on Flickr, but that didn’t work and here I see you were expecting to publish in 2010, but I see no link for it here. If it’s not available, can you suggest something? I’d like to start with using a filter. Currently, I use a 10-stop ND for long exposures.

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