NEWS: Stolen Work

Thursday I received an email via Flickr from a fellow member noting a potential usage of my photo (Grace Cathedral HDR).  I thank him very much for his time and effort to inform me.  In his message, he even copied the link to this DevianArt site location and he noted my picture with my Flickr link.   I immediately checked it out.  It was my photo in a pencil style replica.  Exactly!  Just photoshopped.  It had received somewhere around 900 views and 168 comments congratulating this robber of his work.  He had some lame story that he penciled this work and it took him 3 years!  What a load of BS!!!!  I took this picture back earlier this year.   I immediately reported it to DevianArt and made quite a few comments about how he had no approval for usage of my photo.  Yes, I am creative Commons, but one is not allowed to take my photo modify it and post it elsewhere for sale!  Totally Illegal.  This is the second time, this has happened on this DevianArt site.   It is always sad to see people stealing work and claiming it as theirs…especially when it is your own work.  Within 1 hour he took it down and wrote a negative comment directed to me…he noted all I did was snap a photo.  Blah, blah, blah.  What a world sometimes.  I am in contact with DevianArt…if he made any profit on my photo….legal action will be taken.  Feel free to check out this guys site and comment on his work…if it is even his?? Thanks again to that wonderful Flickr Member!   We have to watch out for each other!

8 comments on “NEWS: Stolen Work

  1. From the remarks on his site, he is continuing to be an ahole about this. It’s interesting how vague he is about what he actually did to your photo. He admits that he used it “as the basis” of his work, and tries to muddy the waters by saying that you took a few seconds to snap a shot, but he took three years to…do something. Not quite clear what it took him three years to do…I suspect he didn’t Photoshop your photo for that long!

    I’m glad you’re being aggressive on this, and glad you have some sharp-eyed viewer to give you a heads up.

    • Mary, I know sad. Guilty as charged…as soon as he took he read my msg…it was immediately gone! Took him three years to get up the guts to steal other peoples work. LOL We just have to check the web often for our photos. Ya never know where they will show up!! =)) Pete

  2. Terry Reed says:

    I use a freebie program, called Photoscape, and add my copyright AND name to each and every photo I take (the GOOD ones anyway!). It does it automatically when I do any editing now … VERY easy to set up, and unless the crop it out, its THERE! AND you can date it too. So even if they DO crop it out, you have the original WITH the copyright, your name and date unobstrusively (whereever you want it … I put mine down on the lower right hand side, 8 pt, black or white color, simple font). Unless YOU protect YOUR work, no one out there will. And .. if you dont, they dont HAVE to! Ugly, but true per copyright law.

    • Terry, sounds great! But now with CS5 COntent aware…any watermark can be taken away easily…unless it right in the middle and large. But that affects the photo too much! Just have to police our stuff often! =)) Thanks for the feedback!! Pete

      • Terry Reed says:

        Sigh … everytime I think I got the bastids beat, something comes along that kicks my teeth in. Can teeth kick back eventually?! lol Good luck all!

  3. joeandrews says:

    wow! pretty sad that someone would do this.. I am a member on deviant however have become rather disappointed with the site lately, quite a bit of immaturity there. I checked out the gallery linked in your post.. This is a lame excuse if I’ve ever read one.. Keep pressing DA on this, you may be able to get his membership revoked?.. Would seem like a justifiable reason to me anyway..

    From the suspects front page on DA..

    “”I’d like to thank everyone who commented on my Grace Cathedral drawing. Unfortunately, the owner of the photograph I used as the basis has asked me to take it down. He claims I merely “photoshopped” his original picture.

    Unless the copyright specifically forbids derivative works he has no basis even if it WAS just a shopped photo, which it was not. But I’ve seen countless high detail drawings that are indistinguishable from a black and white photo, so he’d have a tough time proving it either way.

    That said, I’m a real artist, and the original Grace Cathedral is hanging over my desk. I apologize to the photographer if you feel your picture was stolen, but you spent a few seconds snapping a photo, I spent three years drawing my work. I suggest you look up some high detail drawings and call the artist a thief who photoshopped a picture””

  4. Terry Reed says:

    HEY …. JUST CHECKED! THE GUY IS BANNED PERMANENTLY FROM DEVIANTART! Follow-up and see if I clicked the right person’s site … I THINK I did!

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