Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Brookgreen Gardens (Fractalius)

Finally…a shot I have always wanted to try!!!!   The American Bald Eagle is the symbol is the United States of America.   I have always seen shots form other people and was hopeful one day to get mine!  We were in Myrtle Beach for vacation and I had wanted to visit the famous Brookgreen Gardens.  I will post am HDR shot and tell you more details soon.   At Brookgreen there is a small zoo.  I noticed they had Bald Eagles on the list!  Nice!  We arrived and they were in a netted enclosed area.  Ugh!  Tough to shoot through nets!   Then I noticed a hole about 3-4 inches in diameter on the front face of the net (there on purpose)…maybe for people to take photos??  I stuck my big Nikon 70-200 though it (hoodless as it would not fit with the hood)…perfect!  They had a male and female hanging out and I snapped away!!   I love Fractalius and couldn’t wait to see how it would work with a bald eagle! A little photoshop fun…and a cool shot!!  Fractalius is one awesome plug in for photoshop!!  For some reason I always feel so sad for zoo animals…I know they are fed and kept safe, but these magnificent birds should be flying free.

8 comments on “Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – Brookgreen Gardens (Fractalius)

  1. Oh, I have to send this to Mike in Alaska. This looks like the eagles head is full of lightning. A real feeling of the kind of power we reserve for these magnificent creatures. I know a lot of zoo birds of prey are injured and unable to be returned to the wild.

  2. Mike Criss says:

    Very cool…love the shot too can you post the original too?
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  3. robhanson says:

    This is really wild. Brookgreen is one of my favorite locations, especially when the azaleas are in bloom. I believe that many of the birds kept there are injured/rescues, so even though it’s a bit depressing, there’s something to be said for keeping them there. Best regards, Rob

  4. Dee Dee says:

    It’s a very cool shot of this magnificent bird! I’ve been wanting to try Fractalius. I read recently that they only allow injured and rescued American Bald eagles in zoos in the U.S. since it’s our national bird. So, I think you don’t have too feel bad for them since they were rescued. They might have had another fate otherwise. At least I felt better when I read that. 🙂

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  6. […] first read about it on the places2explore blog. I thought it was fascinating. I had played with fractals before but they mostly created art […]

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