Point Lobos, CA (HDR)

From a few weeks ago while shooting with my buddy Horace Kwan…our last stop of the day was Point Lobos.  I was walking around and took a step over a small hill and saw this guy eating some flowers.  He was only 10 feet away, and obviously used to humans, so he kept on munching away.  Very cool as I snapped away!  I watched him for about 10 minutes and was hoping to get a cool shot as he was near cliff side of the amazing rocks at Point Lobos.   Here is my next shot zoomed out…so you get the feel of the location.  A nice photographic surprise!!   As it multiple shots, I wont post data…both were single RAW converted HDR’s.

An amazing location!  Point Lobos is sweet!!

One comment on “Point Lobos, CA (HDR)

  1. Wow…he stood like that long enough to fire off a zoomed and zoomed out photo. Excellent! I prefer the zoomed out one only because the deer is a surprise to the viewer as much as he was to you, the photographer. 🙂

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