NEWS: NIK Software – HDR Efex Pro

Yesterday I attended the NIK Software – HDR Efex Pro Webinar (Thanks for the tip Horace!). It was about 40 minutes and was used to showcase the upcoming NIK HDR Software.  A screen capture is above.  Tony Sweet processed 3 photos using HDR Efex Pro (a test version).  The final software version is due out later this summer (July).   Price not decided yet.   I must admit it will be tough to take me away from Photomatix….no other software has come close.  I currently use all the NIK Software.   HDR Efex Pro follows the same usage techniques as all the other great NIK products.  Along the left side you can use presets for quick versions of your HDR.  Overall it looked very interesting.   The one note Tony stated was that HDR Efex Pro does a better job on any halos than other software.  Hmmmm.  I will surely demo it when it comes out.  Will it top Photomatix….yet to be seen.  Will advise as soon as I try it!!


5 comments on “NEWS: NIK Software – HDR Efex Pro

  1. exileimaging says:

    If it’s as good as their other software, then Photomatix is going to finally have a serious competitor. Look forward to seeing more on this.

    • Van, yeah…Photomatix needs competition! My guess is that NIK HDR Efex will be solid, but Photomatix will still rule. Let the battle begin! I am hoping NIK can create magic!!

  2. DJ Schulte says:

    I too was on this webinar and from the looks of Nik’s HDR tool, it might just give Photomatix some competition. Which is good. but as you say the end result will be demo’ing in on our machines. I am fan of Nik’s products too and definitely will test it.

    • DJ, it was interesting. Wish the pics they used were better on the Webinar. I’ll give a try when its out for sure….but Photomatix in my early opinion will still be better. Only time will tell!!

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