Nurnberg, Germany – St. Lorenz Cathedral (HDR)

I was having a little photoshop fun last nite with an HDR.  I saw a lesson on how to create this special effect on some small brochure and wanted to give it a try.  Now I admit not to being anything close to knowledgeable at Photoshop. I know the basics on how to process my HDR’s and that is about it.  I can add textures easily…no problem…but for this I tried to add my moon shot…it was cool..but my moon needed to be sharper and crisp on the edges.  Maybe a stock moon shot would have worked better?   Here is the moon version…small and from afar it looks great, but up close it was messy.    But at least I figured it out!  I’ll find a stock shot of a moon and give it a try one day again in the future.

I promised myself this year to learn Photoshop and how to really work on layers. After my summer travel schedule slows down, this fall, I will get to work on learning Photoshop.  I am certain there are some cool things you can do to a photo.  I will not use it all the time, but its like texturing…done correctly, it can create great art!  I gladly will diversify my photography skills, why not my photoshop skills as well!  Original Shot…

Any skilled Photoshoppers want to teach me?  =)  Matt Kloskowski…shoot me an email!  LOL  I am a member of NAPP and Kelby Training…so study time is due one day soon!

8 comments on “Nurnberg, Germany – St. Lorenz Cathedral (HDR)

  1. exileimaging says:

    Your lead image is awesome, Pete! Really nice job with PS.

  2. The first image is awesome if not a bit scary looking. Got a Tower of Terror image you could do that with?

    As for the moon shot 😀 I hope I never see the moon that close! Do like the idea as I tried to get the real moon over Everest last December and the clouds wiped out that idea.

    • Scott, It is easy to get that blue tone. Can be done with any pic! Tower of Terror would be perfect! As for the moon, yeah just for effect, that way you know its an added effect. I was close to posting it large, but when I did a draft…wow…so horrible! Then I re-did the image and the first one is what I came up with.

  3. Lightworker says:

    These are beautiful 🙂

  4. Michele says:

    Congrats – this image was one of the winners in Trey and Rick’s HDR contest!

    Contact them to get your prize.

  5. Dan says:

    Nicely done!
    This church served as a model for Stadtkirche St. Peter from Sonneberg (Thüringhen), Germany.

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