Nurnberg, Germany – St. Lorenz Cathedral (HDR)

I was having a little photoshop fun last nite with an HDR.  I saw a lesson on how to create this special effect on some small brochure and wanted to give it a try.  Now I admit not to being anything close to knowledgeable at Photoshop. I know the basics on how to process my HDR’s and that is about it.  I can add textures easily…no problem…but for this I tried to add my moon shot…it was cool..but my moon needed to be sharper and crisp on the edges.  Maybe a stock moon shot would have worked better?   Here is the moon version…small and from afar it looks great, but up close it was messy.    But at least I figured it out!  I’ll find a stock shot of a moon and give it a try one day again in the future.

I promised myself this year to learn Photoshop and how to really work on layers. After my summer travel schedule slows down, this fall, I will get to work on learning Photoshop.  I am certain there are some cool things you can do to a photo.  I will not use it all the time, but its like texturing…done correctly, it can create great art!  I gladly will diversify my photography skills, why not my photoshop skills as well!  Original Shot…

Any skilled Photoshoppers want to teach me?  =)  Matt Kloskowski…shoot me an email!  LOL  I am a member of NAPP and Kelby Training…so study time is due one day soon!