Orlando, FL – Egret Babies

Springtime in Florida is wonderful!  Bird photography is at its best this time of the year.  Rookeries all over the state have lots of Mother birds nesting and the eggs are hatching daily!   I was lucky enough to see the first bunch of baby egrets close to the walkway at Gatorland.    It was tough grabbing this shot…shooting through branches and leaning over the railing….hoping not to fall into a lake of alligators!  I’ll call these guys Larry, More and Curly!  I love the hairdos!  I had no idea that baby Egrets were punkers!  LOL

I shot many birds this day…but still need more skills on bird photography.  I’ll be back next year and may rent a 400mm lens?  Borrow Lenses is a great place to rent gear!   This was hand held..also a tripod would be helpful!!  I used my 70-200mm lens…it was ok..but I really want those up close shots a 400mm lens can offer!

Talke Photography Settings:

  • Camera:  Nikon D300
  • Lens: Nikon 70-200 VR f/2.8 + Nikon TC-14EII (1.4x Teleconverter)
  • Setting: Aperture Mode
  • Focal Length: 210.0mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Exposure:  1/160 sec
  • Aperture:  f/10
  • Gear:  Hand Held
  • Post Process: Adobe CS4, Photomatix, Viveza