NEWS – Real Estate HDR Photography

My postcard is ready!  Sending a 5×7 card out soon…now out for printing!   Back side has my logo and a phrase…”Don’t be ordinary, be extraordinary…use HDR Real Estate Photography”  Next post will be feedback from anyone!  Let ya know how it goes next month!


6 comments on “NEWS – Real Estate HDR Photography

  1. Matt says:

    Good luck with this. Would love to see how HDR does for commercial real estate. Your processing is awesome and not overdone so I think it would be great for HDR.

  2. I’ve been asked to photograph a Bed & Breakfast for their brochure. Thought HDR would make it stand out. What lens are you using for the interiors? Also, are you taking 3, 5 or more exposures? Thanks for any tips!

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