Orlando, FL – Epcot (Infrared)

I was in Orlando last week and finished work one afternoon and decided to head to Epcot around 5 PM.  It was a nice bright sunny day!  Tough to shoot HDR’s in the sun…so I decided to exclusively shoot IR until near sunset!  I had never visited Epcot…so it was a learning experience.  It is a small park…I walked and took photos – one lap took me about 1 hour.  That does not include stopping in each country and seeing the sights.  Just taking a walk about.    Epcot has water, trees, and some great architecture…so perfect for IR this afternoon!

I took about 100 IR photos and knew it was a good call!   This shot is of the Spaceship Earth Sphere in the background.  A very eye catching subject!   Could it be the Bio Dome?  Yes, I admit to enjoying that movie with Pauly Shore!  Simple humor cannot be beat!   As I have tons of IR shots from here…I’ll try to add them slowly in the next year…but I will post an HDR of the Spaceship Earth at sunset this week!   Very cool!  More details from Epcot on Saturday!  Have fun!

Talke Photography Settings:

  • Camera:  Nikon D70S (Converted to Infrared)
  • Infrared Conversion:  D70S modified by LifePixel
  • Lens: Nikon 18-200 f/3.5-5.6
  • Setting: Aperture  Mode
  • Focal Length: 95.0mm
  • ISO: 200
  • Exposure:  1/40 sec
  • Aperture:  f/25
  • Gear:  Tripod
  • Post Process: Adobe CS4, Viveza