NEWS: Infrared Photography Buzz Blog (Featured Photographer)

This week I am the featured photographer on a great blog called  Infrared Photography Buzz.   If you are into Infrared Photography and enjoy IR photos….this is a great blog to read and check out!   IPB has some great articles and tutorials on the blog.  There have also been many featured photographers…click there links and see some wonderful work!   My feature is about how I started with IR and a few of my favorite photos are posted.  I have  only been shooting in IR for 9 months with my modified Nikon D70S (by LifePixel) and its become one of my favorite styles.   Enjoy reading Infrared Photography Buzz!


2 comments on “NEWS: Infrared Photography Buzz Blog (Featured Photographer)

  1. Dani says:

    How cool! Congratulations 🙂

    – Awesome blog, btw!

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