Austin, TX – DKR – Texas Memorial Stadium (HDR)

Today is a big day in Austin!  The college football National Championship will be decided tonite!  University of Texas vs. University of Alabama.  Two unbeaten teams battling it out for the crown.  Should be a great game!    He is a fun story from this picture.  I went downtown and met up with my buddy Jim Nix (Nomadic Pursuits) to photograph UT.  We first stopped at the Texas Tower and kept on walking.  We made it to the football stadium…a place I had never been.  So it was great.  As we walked up it was a weekday afternoon during the holidays so it was quiet and not much going on.  We walked around and tried to get in…food court, back parking gate, side entries….nothing!  But as photographers – we never give up!

We kept walking around the whole stadium.  I was thinking to myself it was like we were in Mission Impossible and we were checking the stadium for weaknesses.  We finally saw a set of glass doors where you can go in and buy tickets.  We walked in with our camera gear and the escalators were not working.  I told Jim there had to be elevators.  Right around the corner…there they were.  We knew we had a slim chance to get into the stadium…but with being so close why not try!

We tried floors 11, 10, 9, 8 and 7 looked interesting…so we got off and walked down the hallway.   Around here you can find offices and possible luxury boxes, but everything was closed.   I said lets walk down the escalator one more flight and give it a try!   We walked down – no luck!  There was a fire exit door at the end of the hallway and Jim gave it a push and it opened!  Nice!   Thanks UT Stadium!   We were in and started shooting away.  We both knew time was short.

This was my first shot…fisheye at the 50 yard line…

I finished my shot and was looking for Jim…I glanced down to the field and I see Jim on the field heading to the scoreboard!   I had to laugh!   As long as we could get a few shots in, might as well take a walk down there as well!   Under the scoreboard I took the first shot posted above.  We grabbed a couple more and decided to hit the field!  Why not!   I thought a corner of the endzone shot might work well…here it is…

We couldn’t believe we were walking on the field!  Sweet!!    I walked the sidelines and grabbed a photo right at the 50 yard line.  My next goal was a fisheye up in the deep corner of the stadium.  As I walked off the field I told Jim to pose for a photo in the endzone.  I took his shot and then I asked him to get one of me.   Thanks Jim for taking the photo!  here it is…

The hand sign I am giving is one for the UT fans….it means – Hook Em Horns!  As I was posing for this shot…I look up in the stands and yelled to Jim…we have about 10 seconds!  The security guard came up and told us to leave and we proceeded to tell him about the open door.  He was very nice and gracious as we apologized very much as he escorted us out of the stadium.  We wished him a Happy New Year and were on our way!   These shots made the day!    UT is a wonderful beautiful school.  Another must visit if you are ever in Austin.   Maybe Mac Brown (football coach) can give us a personal tour one day!

Back to the game…my father and brother attended Alabama and I live in I will show no favorites and hope for a good game!  Although it would be nice to photograph the Texas Tower lit up due to a National Championship!    Good luck UT and enjoy!  As this is a long post with many pics…I will skip the pic settings this day!  …and just to think we were going to hit hamilton Pool this day instead…but as it rained the day before it was closed.  All things happen for a reason!  =)

8 comments on “Austin, TX – DKR – Texas Memorial Stadium (HDR)

  1. Jim Nix says:

    Great stuff Pete! Awesome fun shooting with you too!

  2. hdrexposed says:

    Pete, this series is awesome!!! That is so cool!!!!! Really well done!

  3. Thanks Jim! Great shooting with you! A day that will never be forgotten!

  4. Oh yeah Dave…note the Pirates sweatshirt! Go Bucs!

  5. Great idea, thanks for this tip!

  6. Alex Suarez says:

    Great shots, Peter. Looks like You and Jim had a great time exploring the stadium. Here’s my favorite shot of mine from this stadium:

    BTW, here’s the tower lit up after the last UT national championship in January of 2006:
    UT Tower January 2006

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