NEWS!: 200,000 Visitors!

Wow!!!!   Thanks so much!  It was only in October that I had my 100,000th visitor!   That means in the last 3 months I have had 100K visitors (33K/month!).  Places 2 Explore is growing leaps and bounds!  I appreciate all of you taking the time to read my blog!  I hope you are enjoying it!   I have had tons of emails thanking me for the info I give on my photos.  No problem!  I am here to post photos and hopefully you can just enjoy or learn if needed!   I am hoping to have a few more changes this upcoming year…here is what I have planned

1) Camera Settings – I plan to offer more data on what settings I use in my photos on each post   …f stop/ISO, shutter time (if not HDR) , etc..

2) Processing Software – I will make a list of any software used to process the photo on each post

3) Larger Photos!  I am planning on increasing the column size of the blog and this will allow me to post a bigger picture!

4) Web Address – I will go to a simple web address ie… (or whatever is possible to use)

5)  Talke Photography Blog – late 2010 – this will be a blog for my portrait work!  I’ll tie it into P2E somehow!

6) More giveaways!   Cant beat free stuff!

7) Reviews:  will add some more reviews in 2010 – I will try adding some video reviews as well!!   Instead of behind the camera…why not be in front of it!

So lots planned for 2010!   I will continue to grow with you!  This is a wonderful dream to have so many readers….the sky is the limit!    Hope you enjoy your visit and come back everyday!  Thanks!  Pete

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