Prague, Czech Republic – Sunset in Old Town (HDR)

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

Here is a nice sunset shot from Prague a few weeks back.  As per my first post from was my first visit ever to the amazing city! I had a list of spots of shots I wanted to take in my limited time in the city…Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, etc…  My plan was to get the Charles Bridge in HDR at sunset.  But as it was offseason, the bridge was under heavy construction.  Just about every shot was filled with construction covers.   As I walked over the bridge back into the city from Prague Castle…I was a bit bummed.   I took a few shots, but nothing worthy of posting.  I kept on walking and arrived into Old Town about 20 minutes later and just missed the Old Town Astronomical Clock Display…a sight for anyone visiting to see.   Ouch…was I missing everything??  One of those days.

I looked up and saw some pink in the sky…the sun was setting!   I was walking amongst the buildings and peeked through an opening to see how the view was….not good.   I remembered at the clock tower people were buying tickets…quickly without having any idea…I ran up to the ticket guy and asked if there was a viewing site at the top of the tower?  He said yes!  …Perfect!  Not sure how much it cost…$8??  I didn’t care at this time!  All I could think was how many stairs I had to run up!  Was this day fun or what?

I turned the corner and there was an elevator!!!!   Sweet!  I arrived and had to only walk 1 flight of stairs.  All around the top of the clock tower was a wonderful view of the city.  Doubly sweet!  The sun was just dipping and I sadly bumped some tourists out of the way and set up my tripod in this 4 foot small walk way.  Add my tripod fully open and me…this equals about 3 1/2 feet of aisle blocking material.  OK…maybe 4 feet!   I felt bad for all that tried to pass…they were stuck for a few minutes.  I apologize to them now…sorry!   The Prague Castle was to the right…but the light was not right for a sunset shot there…I panned and overlooked old town and the mountains.  The sky was  orange & pink and amazing!  Quite interesting colors in this shot!   A picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes a fun story!  I do not think I will ever forget this shot.  A fun one to get!  Enjoy!

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