Porto, Portugal – Sunrise in Porto (HDR)

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

While staying in Porto a few weeks back…I had a great time walking around this area in the late afternoon taking photos.  One shot I wanted was the Dom Luis Bridge at sunset.  When sunset arrived the sun was not in a great photo location, so I skipped the bridge opportunity and shot the city that night.  I had a 12 PM flight the next day, so i knew I could wake up early and take a few sunrise shots.   I was staying at the Pestana Porto Hotel and luckily it was off season and they gave me a corner room  on the third floor with a balcony on both sides!  It was nice to wake up and set up on my balcony and shoot away!   This was the view from my room!    The sun was rising a bit to the right so I quickly snapped some shots.   With such an old historic city…such a view is very sureal.    After taking some balcony shots, I headed down to the street for a few more!  Porto is a lovely little city!  Next visit…maybe the winer cellars???  Enjoy!