Prague, Czech Republic – St. Vitus Cathedral

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, Topaz Adjust

Here is another shot from the Prague Castle – St. Vitus Cathedral.  After the security guard told me no more tripod usage…I had to go hand held.    I knew 5 exposures hand held in low light was not an option.   So amazingly I took normal photos and not HDR!  I could have tried a single raw filer HDR process, but since I purchased Topaz Adjust from Topaz Labs…I decided to give a try!  Topaz Adjust is very cool.  For those of you that want a one click HDR-like photo…Topaz Adjust is for you!    It is a plug-in for $49.99.   Very cool settings and you can have fun!

After your file is Topazzed (just made up a new word?)…you will be impressed.  Just go to their site for a free trial.   With this shot…I processed it in TA, then put it into Silver Efex Pro for B&W.  For some reason, I am liking B&W more as it gives a nice contrast.  The color version was nice as well!   It may not meet Ansel Adams Zone System perfectly..but the range is not bad.   Enjoy!

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