Austin Holiday Photowalk 2009

On Sunday Dec 13th – we had the Austin Holiday Photowalk.  It was wonderful to meet everyone and we all had a great time.  About 40 people attended and it was a perfect sunny 72 degrees out for our walk.  Some good friends and local photographers Jim Nix (Nomadic Pursuits) & Dave Wilson (News and Views of Dave Wilson), Andy (ATMTX on Flickr), etc.. joined our walking group and I met quite a few new friends as we shot together for the afternoon.  We were downtown from 4 PM until 7 PM and met up at the Driskill Hotel at the end.  For those of my readers that are not in Austin…I created a Flickr Group “Austin Holiday Photowalk 2009”.  There you can find shots from the attendees.  I’d like to plan another Photowalk in the spring for some flower shots!  Let ya know more details when I come up with a location!  If you were at the walk and want to post your website/blog…please feel free to add it to the comment section below!  Thanks for coming!  Hope to see you again soon!  Here are a few shots I took…all HDR except the last shot of the Capitol Building Closeup was with Topaz Adjust.  1) Driskill Hotel  2) Driskill Hotel  3) Capitol Building Doorknob  4) Congress Avenue  5) Capitol Building Closeup