Copenhagen, Denmark – Nyhavn

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

I just recently visited Copenhagen, Denmark for the first time.   I only had a few hours to walk around on a Sunday afternoon and take a few shots.  My target was the Nyhavn.  Probably the most famous spot in Denmark.  I arrived via taxi about an hour before sunset and the views were wonderful!  I am not sure you can take a bad photo here..  They had just decorated it for the holidays and some lights were up and it gave the location a nice warm feel!  I walked down one side of the canal and took lots of photos (HDR, standard and IR).  I might have spent 1 hour walking only 300 yards.  The colorful buildings, docked boats and reflective water were perfect subjects!

This shot was taken with my usual 5 exposures, cable release and tripod….post processed in Photomatix.  This became an instant favorite of mine.  I think I will use it for the cover to my Places 2 Explore Volume 2 Photo Book (Vol 1 info is noted above)..due out in 2010.   I will post a few more shots from here soon…more of the Nyhavn with details on Copenhagen!

2 comments on “Copenhagen, Denmark – Nyhavn

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