Prague, Czech Republic – St. Vitus Cathedral (HDR)

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

One word for Prague…Wow!!  In all my travels to Europe….I had never visited Prague until a few weeks ago!  I was amazed at how beautiful and old it is!  Not sure if this is correct (what I have heard), but during WWII only 1 building was destroyed in Prague…so it has kept its old world charm unchanged through the years!  In Prague you will not find skyscrapers, just spectacular buildings, old style roads, truly beautiful churches, many shops and restaurants!

I would say my favorite cities in Europe are  1) Paris 2) London 3) Rome 4) Prague 5) Vienna  …Prague jumps up to number four only after one visit!  So many sights to see – I can’t wait to go back one day!  I’ll get into Prague more in future posts….but here is an HDR from St. Vitus Cathedral.   It was my first stop during my visit and I was lucky to get this photo!  No tripods are allowed and I kinda knew this was the option ahead of me when I entered…so I prepped my camera, tripod and cable release…snapped off 5 exposures and took the shots before the guard was one my in a matter of seconds!  After this shot..I had to put the tripod away and take hand held shots.  Not bad..but at least this shot came out perfectly!

Here is some info from the web:  For more than 600 years, the roofs of Prague Castle have been overlooked by the towers of St Vitus Cathedral. The cathedral, whose original name is St Vitus, St Wenceslas and St Adalbert Cathedral, is the biggest and the most important church in the Czech Republic. It’s the seat of the Archbishop of Prague and the place where saints, kings, princes and pmperors of Bohemia are buried. The coronations of the kings of Bohemia were held there until 1836. It’s one of the best examples of Gothic architecture.

When you walk from the II courtyard to the III courtyard the first thing you notice is the impressive western part of St Vitus Cathedral. There is also the official main entrance to the cathedral. This part of the cathedral is the newest, it was built at the turn of the 19th and the 20th century (see St Vitus Cathedral History). The western part of the cathedral is characterized by two tall towers and the Rose Window. The author of this window, Frantisek Kysela, let himself inspire by old gothic windows in famous cathedrals in Paris. Notice four figures at the bottom of the window, two at at each side. They represent important people in the newest reconstruction of the cathedral.

Now Prague is surely one of the top Places 2 Explore!!

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