Innsbruck, Austria – city view from Bergisel


NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200

I travel to Innsbruck every year for business. Its a lovely small city in Austria.  Austria is filled with great cities: Innsbruck, Vienna and Salzburg.  If you are a skiier…Innsbruck is for you!  Take a look at those mountains!  Last year they opened a tram to the top…we went up in May.  It was spring in the city and snow up at the top!   This photo was from a location called Bergisel Hill.

Flying into Innsbruck airport when there is snow on the mountains, is possibly the most beautiful inbound flights in the world.  The city is surrounded by amazing moutain ranges that go on for miles and miles.  Unfortunately, most flights are prop planes and the ride can get bumpy…but well worth the view…make sure to get a window seat.

The so-called Battles of Bergisel were four battles fought between the forces of French Emperor Napoleon I and Bavaria against Tyrolean militiamen and a few Austrian soldiers at the Bergisel hill nearInnsbruck. They occurred between 12 April and 1 November 1809.  At the top of the hill now you can find the famous ski jump from the 1976 Olympics.  We went there and had lunch at the top of the ski jump and this is the view of the city below.  I do enjoy visiting Innsbruck.  It is always a very small plane ride in from Germany or wherever I am coming from.  Enjoy.