Austin, TX – Camaro Z28 Rim (HDR)

Z28 Rim HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 12-24, HDR in Photomatix

A few weeks back I attended my first car show.  There was one in our local town.  I enjoyed seeing all of the old cars and trying my best to get some cool shots.  It was a little difficult as the buildings around the cars reflected on them…so many shots were just ok.  Cars are perfect matches for HDR…but it surely helps when they are in an open field, cool garage, middle of a road, etc..  Just like a photo shoot!  So when dealt with such circumstances….taking close up shots is a main choice.  So here is a Camaro Z28 Rim in HDR.   I took 5 exposures with a tripod and cable release….post processed in Photomatix.   The rim was cool and I put it into Silver Efex Pro and the reflections were stronger in B&W.  I flipped the rim upside down to get a more eye pleasing circular effect….and this is what I came out with!   Hope your day is not “Tire”-ing!  Enjoy!