REVIEWS: Book – Best Business Practices for Photographers

Best Business - PhotosIf you are taking photos and plan to ever sell these pictures or are currently selling photos, then you are a business!   The Best Business Practices for Photographers – John Harrington.   This book can be found here on Amazon.

I purchased this book a few months back.  As you may have read on my previous posts, my plan is to continue always taking landscape and travel photos for as long as I am a photographer…but my future is in portrait photography when I retire from my current job.    Future plans are to have studio and office for Talke Photography.   I am always reading and learning everyday.  For anyone that plans to use photography as a business…this book is wonderful!!!!!

This fantastic book (500+ pages) offers such in depth info on all aspects of business for photographers….its is a must buy!   Some great chapters;  1) You are a Business!   2) Setting Your Photographer Fees  3) Accounting  4) Contracts  5) Protecting Your Work…etc…   It covers it all!  To me its a textbook on photography as a business!   On Amazon its about $20!  A great deal for such fantastic information!   I give this book a 10 out of 10!  John Harrington has it covered!

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