REVIEWS: Photography Podcasts

NikioniansI am always trying to learn more about photography everyday.  Not sure if a day passes that I am am not reading, web viewing, taking photos, post processing or listening to podcasts about photography.  In order to grow and improve… all of these are helpful!  While at the office, I often listen to Podcasts.  Here are a few podcasts I listen to – with my ranking…

1) D-Town TV:  Scott Kelby & Matt Kloskowski – A video podcast for Nikon users.  24 episodes completed…new eps coming soon!

2) Image Doctors – Nikonians –  Rick Walker and Jason Odell issue a great podcast on Nikon products and general photography.

3) TWIP – This Week in Photography –  Alex Lindsay, Frederick Van Johnson, Steve Simon and Ron Brinkmann give a wonderful podcast on all aspects of photography

4) Photofocus – Scott Bourne & Rick Sammon have a solid podcast where all they do is answer photography questions by listeners.

I am sure there are many many more podcasts…if you know of any good ones…post them in the comments!   These are the few I enjoy listening to.

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2 comments on “REVIEWS: Photography Podcasts

  1. Dave Wilson says:

    I’m somewhat biased but I rather like PhotoNetCast. There’s a great dynamic between the 4 regular presenters and they have interesting topics and guests. The show has been off the air for a few weeks since the guy who produces it is in the middle of an international move but hopefully they’ll start recording again soon. In the meantime, there are 36 episodes you can listen to to catch up.

  2. Dave, thanks! I will download one right now while I am working and take a listen!

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