Austin, TX – Capitol Building (HDR)

Austin Capitol Fisheye HDR

NIKON D300, Nikon 10.5 Fisheye, HDR in Photomatix

Here is another shot of the Capitol Building from Austin, Texas!   I am always looking for different ways to shoot this lovely architecture…this one surely is different!  Thanks to a fisheye lens.  I had rented this lens from LensRentals a few months ago and took this shot then.   Just last week I added this fun Nikon 10.5 Fisheye lens to my collection.   So look for more Fisheye shots soon!   Its a perfect lens to travel with…small and light!     I should travel to an aquarium and take a fisheye of a fisheye!  No that would be cool!  Have fun!

REVIEWS: Photography Podcasts

NikioniansI am always trying to learn more about photography everyday.  Not sure if a day passes that I am am not reading, web viewing, taking photos, post processing or listening to podcasts about photography.  In order to grow and improve… all of these are helpful!  While at the office, I often listen to Podcasts.  Here are a few podcasts I listen to – with my ranking…

1) D-Town TV:  Scott Kelby & Matt Kloskowski – A video podcast for Nikon users.  24 episodes completed…new eps coming soon!

2) Image Doctors – Nikonians –  Rick Walker and Jason Odell issue a great podcast on Nikon products and general photography.

3) TWIP – This Week in Photography –  Alex Lindsay, Frederick Van Johnson, Steve Simon and Ron Brinkmann give a wonderful podcast on all aspects of photography

4) Photofocus – Scott Bourne & Rick Sammon have a solid podcast where all they do is answer photography questions by listeners.

I am sure there are many many more podcasts…if you know of any good ones…post them in the comments!   These are the few I enjoy listening to.