Talke Photography Logo

I have decided on a new logo for Talke Photography.  Simple, easy, retro?  Not sure what to call it.   Finally a logo for my business cards!   Thanks Hilary (my Graphic Designer)!! What do you think of the logo???  I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts!

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2 comments on “NEWS!: New TALKE PHOTOGRAPHY Logo!

  1. Michael Wizemann says:

    Het Pete,
    I like the new Logo and as usual the pictures are incredable. I have been reviewing the Photomatix software you use. Wow. what a difference it can make. Have you tried it on people or is it to difficult to get them to stay still enough. What did you use to edit the Old Blue Car.

    • Hey Mike!! Thanks! I have tried a full HDR on people…close up they look like zombies. Far away is ok. Never tried it, but I assume the best way may be to take a single raw file (that way movement is not an issue) and make the HDR from there…mask the facial features and clean up in Photoshop. It should work well! I wanted to try this for some portraits in the future! So if I can get it going…I will let ya know. Should not be too hard. I have seen some wedding photogs use this method…so cool! Imagine a wedding HDR portrait…sweet!!

      I used Photoshop and Nik Software Silver Efex Pro plug in on the old Chevy. Nik Software is the best plug in for photoshop ever! I use with just about every photo I process…Dfine (noise Reduction), Color Efex Pro or Silver Efex Pro (for B&W) and Sharpener Pro. Costly for the bunch…but you can buy a bundle and save some $$$. Makes a big difference in processing!!!

      Did you get the Photomatix Software? How did the sports shooting go? Have fun! Pete

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