Austin, TX – 1955 Chevy (HDR)

1955 Chevy HDR

Nikon D300, Nikon 18-200 VR, HDR in Photomatix

Last year I missed the local “Rolling Sculpture Car Show” here in the Hill Country.  The 2009 one was yesterday and I made sure to attend.  After watching the Steelers football game, I made my way out to the show (only had about an hour to shoot).  It is outdoors at our local mall…the Hill Country Galleria.   Another first for me…shooting a car show! I figured I would have to dodge people and other cars all day.  So I didn’t expect to get too many great shots.  My goal was close ups of grill’s, logos, with an occasional full body shot, etc…  I decided to only shoot HDR this day.

This Chevy was one of the first cars I shot…I assume it is a 1955…if anyone knows different and I will gladly change my header!  Thanks!  With cars and HDR…I figured color + chrome = a potential great shot!  I took many shots and this turquoise Chevy had the perfect color and lots of chrome!  The only problem with a car show is that the surroundings are not perfect.  My solution for this photo…highlight the car and give the background a sepia tone.  This way the HDR’d car stands out nicely and it takes any focus off the background or at least minimizes it.   So this HDR is 5 exposures, cable release, tripod and post processed in Photomatix with touch up in Photoshop and Sepia added through Silver Efex Pro.

Not bad.  What is great is that I met many of the car owners and plan to shoot their cars for them.  Exciting for me!  I will gladly take shots of their classic cars for them  in trade for usage of the photos on my blog or website!   One gentleman wants to make a calendar with my shots….great idea!!!   Add car shows to the list of fun places to photograph! Hope you have a classic day!

2 comments on “Austin, TX – 1955 Chevy (HDR)

  1. Tom Sapio says:

    Great photo that is my car Thanks for takeing it Tom

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