Orlando, FL – Disney World

Disney World - Donald Duck

NIKON D300, Nikon 18-200 VR

It Friday!!!  I thought this photo is apropos for today!   Travel is great, but not so much when delays occur….I was in 5 states yesterday (ME, NH, MA, NJ..and home sweet home TX!)…my plane landed at midnight…fun!   So I wondererd what to post this morning…and Donald’s pose says it all!  LOL

Whenever I post a shot form Disney…I was I was there!  Even as an adult, I enjoy all the parade’s, characters and sights to see there!  Not sure which character is my favorite?  I’d say possibly Goofy!  Donald is up there as well!   I have only been to Disney in Orlando….other locations are California, Paris, Tokyo and Hong Kong!   Note sure if I will get to em all…I would think there are a lucky few that have!

I should have some new NYC and Maine HDR’s posted soon from my trip!  Hi Ho, Hi Ho its off to post process photographs I go!


2 comments on “Orlando, FL – Disney World

  1. Mark says:

    what little non HDR work I can find here seems to be lacking in life.
    Perhaps you are using HDR as a crutch?

    • Thanks Mark! I take all sorts of photos…HDR is my fav style! If you check out my regular web site….HDR’s are only a small percent! HDR’s are not for everyone. I have plenty of nice non-HDR photos…I just posted the St. Peter’s shot the other day. And many more on here…sorry you do not approve. They always say…beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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